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At present only our site has been optimised and corrected. We will be working on other sites going forward

Acronyms and abbreviations

ABNAustralian Business Number
ABRAustralian Business Register
ASICAustralian Security and Investment Commission
AUDAAustralian Domain Authority
CPUCentral Processing Unit
IP Internet Protocol
SSLSecure Socket Layer
VPSVirtual Private Server

Site Progress

The following issues exist on this site –

  1. There is no keyboard access to the ratings stars in the Latest News articles
  2. There are colour contrast issues with the ratings stars, mainly the yellow when on a white background
  3. The Account Login modal that opens on mouse or keyboard click cannot be closed by pressing the “esc” escape key

This site is pending rebuild – It is currently not very accessible and is also not mobile responsive

Testing has not commenced on this site – There is a reasonable expectation the site is in good condition

The home page is fully accessible.

Content within the site is not indexed to the home page and is primarily used for testing and development. There is no guarantee of accessibility for any content that is in development.