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VPS Hosting

Presshost offer a limited number of Virtual Private/Dedicated Servers.

Virtual hosting is a great alternative to running a dedicated server as it allows us to deploy a server almost immediately, with the flexibility to adjust things like RAM, CPU’s and disk space, and being a dedicated solution you also get full root access.

Our Xen powered servers can be configured to run CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora and can be set up almost immediately.

VPS LITE $110 per month

  • Ram 1GB
  • CPU’s 1
  • SSD Disk Space 20GB
  • Data Transfer 100GB
  • Dedicated IP Address 2

VPS Business $165 per month

  • Ram 2GB
  • CPU’s 2
  • SSD Disk Space 50 GB
  • Data Transfer 200 GB
  • Dedicated IP Address 2

VPS Business Plus $220 per month

  • Ram 4GB
  • CPU’s 4
  • SSD Disk Space 50GB
  • Data Transfer 200GB
  • Dedicated IP Address 2
  • cPanel licence included

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