If you’re running a small design or print business and looking to earn additional income, Presshost offer a Web Hosting Affiliate Program which allows you to collect a commission for referring clients to our hosting service.

How it works

Our system will generate a custom link that you can add to your site and, when your clients click on the link, a cookie will identify them as having come from your site.

For every Annual Presshost hosting package we pay $40 and, as the cookie is valid for 90 days, you will still receive the affiliate bonus even if your client doesn’t sign up on their first visit.

As we bill your clients directly you don’t need to do anything.

How much do I earn?
We will pay $40 for each new hosting service that signs up (and remains with us) for one year or $3.50 for monthly sign-ups.

Payments are transferred to your bank account at the start of the following month with a minimum payment of $30. Payments under $30 accrue until the minimum payment amount is reached.